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We are leaders in software engineering, design, development and delivery. However, our most valuable service is how we combine these expertise to deliver the most valued product to our clients.
We engineer solutions to improve operational automation, cost reduction, work flow optimization and business data management by leveraging quality Open Source Software and enhancing it with customizations for our client's needs. Our expertise helps to minimize development costs and expedite delivery to market.
We develop responsive web and mobile applications which provide user friendly real time access to critical business data. We architect a complete solution for our clients which includes: Client facing applications with elegant UI/UX & visualizations, secured APIs servers, data stores, event processors, ML/AI chat bots, web scrapers, gateways & bridges to 3rd party applications and caching servers. Our solution can run on any cloud hosters and scales as the client's business grows.


  • Architecture & Strategy

Architecture & Strategy

We review client's requirements and evaluate their needs, budget and urgency to architect a compelling solution. A solution which leverages current technologies and supports the client's future growth potential. Our solutions run in the cloud and rely on popular and well tested Open Source Software products.

We grasp the client's full vision, create a big picture of the application, break it up into phases, subsystems and modules and draw up a plan for the initial prototype and a featured launch.

Our numerous years of industry experience is synthesised and shared in the proposed architecture and development plans.


Architect software which adapts to changing business.

A well-designed software architecture allows you to add new features easily due to its modularity, expands without overspending, scales without failures and grows as your business and users grow.

Experience is key to architecture - years and years of software development experience reveals how best to develop and save thousands.

Planning a new architecture project?

Feeling trapped with your current one?

Talk to us and find solutions that will help you move forward.

Legacy Technology

Need assistance with migrating your legacy system to modern internet technology?

We have experience with CICS, IMS and Cobol systems and can assist with transforming legacy applications to modern stack. Whether you require a full rewrite, gradual migration or just front-end integration, we are experienced and can assist with the conversion.

Strategy Consulting

Need an experienced technologist to evaluate your IT strategy or oversee your outsourced development projects?

We can help you plan for a MVP application, SAAS services and feasibility studies.

Contact us, Our experienced team can help you with guidance and management of outsourced projects. We will coordinate, oversee and ensure your project is developed to a successful completion, on schedule and within budget.

Rely On Solutions That Grows With Your Business

Internet Applications

Multi Device Multi User Applications

Investments in internet based application solutions far exceeds that of traditional desktop based applications. Users demand universal access to applications. Kripa helps you deliver your solutions to all users on all devices.

Internet Applications are created from a variety of Client Side, Server Side, Database and Infrastructure technologies. Client's needs, future growth plans and budget determines the architecture and the corresponding technology stack.

Client Side Technology

Also known as the front-end technology. Client side applications are what your users see and experience. Selections are numerous and wide but primarily depends on your use case and budget.

Select from:

  • A basic documents website intended for reading
  • A responsive ReactJS Single Page Application providing traditional desktop experience
  • A real-time web application with automatic updates
  • A ReactJS visualization application
  • React Native application for iOS & Android
  • Flutter application for iOS, Android, web and desktop.
  • ETL application for data visualization.

Server Side Technology

The server side, also known as back-end is a back bone of your application. It manages all of your security and data with resilience and integrity.

There are many ways to organize and operate back-end services:

  • Platforms in different languages (Javascript, Python, Java, Scala, Rust and Go) and
  • Different types of connectivity (REST, GraphQL and Asnc Events).

You can choose multiple platforms to accommodate dedicated services - Like NodeJS for most APIs and Python for ML/AI service.

Database Technology

No application can work without a data store technology. There are many options available for data store and much of it depends on how the application's data is structured:

  • Simple file system for low volume data
  • Relational databases for tabular structures
  • Document databases for hierarchical data or documents and
  • RDF databases for linked data.

Aside from selecting a data store technology, emphasis should also be on how the data is organized (Schema Normalization, Stored Procedures, Triggers and Indexes) and accessed for optimum performance and future growth.

Infrastructure Technology

Infrastructure keeps all parts of your application working together. Security, availability, reliability and performance are important and required for every application. We use following infrastructure products:

  • Traefik - API Gateway & Load Balancer
  • Nginx - Web server
  • Apache Web Server
  • Caching Servers
  • Email Servers
  • Chat Servers

We also develop and support specialized plugins for infrastructure products to enhance functionality.

Static Websites

Super Fast And Very Efficient

Build and deploy static web sites which are performant and informative.

Need a SEO-friendly website? Want to get more site visitors?

Static websites provide your users with an enhanced user experience - Simply because clicking and traversing through your website feels like a walk in the park on a sunny day!

Static Website with GatsbyJS and React

Gatsby.js is an open-source framework that facilitates developing incredibly fast static websites and apps.

A static site has no server-side code, no database, and no services for data. All the content (and data) is generated during the website build time and served to users at a blazing fast speed, leading to the best user experience a modern website can offer.

Besides, Gatsby.js is based on React, one of the most popular components based web development technologies, and this allows developers to reuse components and thus deliver products at the highest speed.

Gatsby also allows integrating Content Management Systems allowing content creators to fully manage their own website content.

Custom app development

Creating faster and more appealing web applications with GatsbyJS.

Kripa provides a future-proof web application development that suits end-user experience and expectations.

The GatsbyJS App focuses only on critical HTML, CSS, data, and JavaScript to quickly load your site.

Outrun your online competition and delight your customers with truly customized experience!

Static sites development

Our services for static website construction are simple and inexpensive to get your website to build in no time. We create static websites in the fastest possible way and with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Static Websites are much faster than the average website, and that directly equates to real-world business performance gains, takes less resources and costs less to host.

Progressive Web App development

PWA or Progressive Web App Development comes built in with GatsbyJS. We leverage it to help your application behave as if it was a native application on a mobile device.

Why is Gatsby a preferable choice?

Out-of-box Gatsby provides:

  1. Built with performance and quick to load
  2. Future-ready so easy to change any time
  3. Brings the combine features of React and GraphQL
  4. Pulls data from multiple remote sources with APIs
  5. Static so one of the most secure and safer
  6. Improves page ranking and boosts your organic search traffic.
  7. Retrieves data from multiple remote API sources.
  8. Huge ecosystem of plugins for greater operational feasibility
  9. Deliver world-class website experiences

What Can You Build?

GatsbyJS can be used for :

  • Blogging Websites
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Stores
  • Data Analytics
  • Scraped Content
  • Company Websites
  • And more...

Get to market faster without compromising features and quality.

Single Page Applications

Desktop Like Functionality In Browser

Single page applications perform much faster than traditional web apps as they execute the logic in the web browser rather than on the server. After the initial page load, the required data alone is sent back and forth instead of the entire HTML. This process reduces the bandwidth, making the pages in web applications load quickly and easily.

User Experience

SPA provides a familiar desktop application-like experience. Fast interactions, aesthetically pleasing user interface, cues and status on how peers are interacting all make it a better overall User experience.

SPA tends to be a larger application compared to normal multiple page applications. However, it's justifiable since after loading the application in the user's browser, it is reused over and over until a change dictates a reload. This is a non-issue for a business doing data-driven processing.


React easily supports building applications a feature at a time.

Components isolate logic and promote reusability.

Development time is reduced as components are reused instead of redeveloped for every application.


SPA came about primarily to support desktop-like responsive user interactions in browser applications.

SPA can use device's local storage, real time communications to send and receive most up-to-date data, local computing resources for CPU intensive tasks and offline processing to improve user performance.


React is used by 6.4M+ developers!

It is one of top OSS projects for developing front-end software.

The React eco system has many libraries, tools and add-on packages for use with React software easing the development complexity and speeding up time to market delivery.


React has a large community of OSS developers (1500+) helping to write quality and well tested javascript component code.

The community has developed many Component Libraries, Developer Tools and a large number of related supporting libraries and utility applications to help expedite React development.

What Can You Build?

SPA for:

  • Interactive responsive web applications
  • Audio/Video/Image processing solutions
  • Business workflow automation applications
  • ML/AI applications
  • DB create, read, update, delete and list applications

API Servers

Back-end services

The back bone of your application.

API Servers are the counterpart of your Client Side application. It keeps your data secure and promotes sharing within your organization and trusted partners.


Microservices Ready

There are many options available to organize and operate back-end services:

Frameworks in different languages:

  • Javascript - Node.js and Express/FeathersJS. Developers get a productivity boost, as they can do both the fron-tend and back-end work in Javascript
  • Python - Asynchronous FastAPI. Allows for fast iteration and supports numerous libraries to choose from creating a solution
  • Java - Spring Framework. A proven and well tested enterprise framework.
  • Scala - Play Framework. The functional language with types to catche many logical errors at build time instead of run time

Services can load balanced, run in regional cloud providers or on edge computers for optimum service times and availability.


Networked Knowledge Participant

Options for connectivity:

  • REST - The industry standard method of connecting to API servers
  • GraphQL - Access only the required data
  • gRPC - Remote Procedure Calls. Removes the distinction between Client Side and Server Side. Clients invoke a function call using gRPC and it automatically gets routed to appropriate server side target functions
  • Asnc Eventing - Use message passing to reach the server side target function(s). It is responsive and fault tolerant

Every connection is secured. Only the authorized users can use the service and only if they have a required level of access to secured service and resources.


OSS Community Support

All the frameworks we use have support from a broad internet community. These OSS products are well tested and used by many large organizations to create their own proprietary solutions.

The community is responsive to fixing defects and answering questions related to integrations and usage.

What Can You Build?

Complements Client Side Code

API Servers for :

  • APIs to support Client Side Code
  • Basic Database CRUD Applications
  • Chats Messaging Applications
  • Streaming Audio/Video Services
  • Scraping Applications
  • Chatbots with ML/AI
  • Data Aggregators
  • ETL Applications for data visualization

Chat Applications

Chat applications are the new normal now for communicating among employees and with customers & suppliers.

Using their own dedicated chat messaging application allows businesses to customize according to their needs, retain control over data, ensure intellectual property is secured and comply with legal requirements for message retention.

Our service includes customized installations as well as custom development for Chatbots, bridges, transformers and gateways.

We also have a fully secure E2E encrypted SAAS service offering for Chat Messaging Application - Check out our products section.


We use Matrix Protocol based community developed Element platform four our Chat Messaging application.

The Matrix Protocol is:

  • Fully Secure
  • End to end encrypted - no eavesdropping & no data mining
  • Decentralized - No walled gardens & No single point of failure
  • Expandable - Can be enhanced with value added services
  • Audio & Video Support - Via WebRTC and Jitsi OSS Product
  • You own your data

Element is an OSS and can be customized to suit the needs of users.

Clients available for all major devices - iOS, Android, Web and Desktop.

Can connect to other 3rd party messaging applications - like WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, etc.


Matrix has a very large and growing community of developers and technical overseers.

It is adopted by a large number of private organizations, governments and non-profit organizations.

Supports many community created plugins and supporting services to enhance the user experience.

What Can you Build?

Chat away with :

  • Use it as is for Chat Messaging - Just install and no further changes needed.
  • Customizations to support business specific conversational user interactions
  • Integrate intelligent Chatbots
  • Integrate Business Workflows
  • Support educational instructional rooms
  • Support health & fitness therapy rooms

Web Scraping Applications

Gather Market Data And Intelligence

New technologies are the secret to gaining a competitive advantage in the modern business world. Web scraping is one of these emerging technologies that your business can leverage in order to benefit from automatically extracting data from the web.

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping automates the process of extracting data from multiple websites. The data appears on the website as an unstructured HTML document and a web scraper transforms this data into useful tabular data for programmatic consumption.

A custom web scraping application is developed to mimic users accessing web pages and extract relevant content for persisting.

The application performs web crawling work at first and then extracts the data into different storage files that you can use to gain a competitive advantage.

In short, the web scraping application pulls data from one or more websites, stores it in your database for easy querying, and creates a knowledge base for your company to use. You can apply the data to make decisions or in any other way you see fit.

Uses of Web Scraping

Web scraping is really just a fancy way to talk about the extraction of useful information from the web. You can monitor prices, check the news for specific mentions, perform market research, and more!

This type of information is used every day to make business decisions, perhaps without even thinking about it.

The real power of web scraping can be transformative for a business. You can use it to be more productive, to make better business decisions, to provide better customer service for your clients, and in a host of other ways that can take your business from ordinary to extraordinary.

Examples of Web Scraping:

Data Aggregation - Consider writing an influencer blog post for a product's sales trend. For this you will require detailed sales and product information for the products from amazon website and product manufacturer's web site. The scraping application will scrape and persist details on a weekly basis so each time a blog reader views the blog they will see details from the latest scraped data.

Lead Generation – Data scraping is ideal for marketing because it can be used to gather and store the contact details of potential future clients. You can scrape this information from companies websites or social sites listing contact information like LinkedIn. A web scraper can collect useful info such as: Website URLs, email addresses, phone numbers and other vital data that can be used for direct marketing.

Market Analysis and Price Comparisons – Web scraping is an easy way to keep track of your competitors, to shop for deals, to compare your process to the current market, or for many other eCommerce solutions. The scraping software can constantly track this information and provide you with a database to compare when making decisions or alert you when a data change occurs.

Minimum Viable Product Applications

Just like the Internet Application, start with a very limited proof of concept application to test the market and then fully invest for a full web application.

Ideal for new concepts or new business strategies.

We have the required special skills for rapid development and deployment.

Got an idea? Let us write a quick prototype to test the markets. Build a Minimum Viable Product from your vision.

What Is MVP Application?

We use a structured process to build your MVP quickly and on budget.

Our experts will streamline your MVP to the most important features. Then, our top talented UX/UI and development teams will design and build your MVP from the ground up for the most desirable user experience.

This allows you to rapidly launch, prove the product’s main assumptions so your business can grow and capitalize on it’s benefits as soon as possible.

Product Scope

The Product Scope phase is an intensive 2 week, structured process.

It all starts with an immersive focus session where you’ll sit down with product experts and ex startup founders to dive into the product vision from a business standpoint. From this point, we will create the required list of user stories for the design of your Minimum Viable Product.

Design Brief

The design brief starts with a product scope - either created by us or provided by you - with all the user stories, UX personas or list of features and stakeholder analysis.


We start by creating the most important screens for your product. This allows you to see exactly how your product will look and then approve the design.

Once you are happy and approve the Key Screens we extend the design to the remaining screens and deliver the full product UX/UI.

Development, Test & Go Live

After your app is fully designed and approved we start the implementation phase. During this phase we progressively deliver the modules of the app, so you can test during the process.

When the app is fully developed we enter a testing phase during which we're in constant contact to fix major bugs and make sure your MVP is ready to go to market.

Why MVP?

Test new product acceptance:

  • Focus on market and attract early-adopter customers
  • Validate a product idea and receive user feedback
  • Minimize risk and reduce cost
  • Improve time to market and iterate and improve the product

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