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Engineering Process

Well Planned Processes Create Beautiful Products

Just like how nature creates beautiful creatures, our engineering process for software creates beautiful software products.
Our designs are built on a deep understanding of our clients’ business and their customers. We collaborate, communicate, and plan to create functional, beautiful, and accessible software.

Process Life Cycle

The process of creating an usable software product is well defined and documented in the industry.

However, a successful outcome very much depends on the execution of the process as well as on the experiences of the people involved.

We work alongside our customer’s employees as one team with shared goals. Our leadership is directly involved to ensure we’re exceeding our clients' expectations and project's success.


  • Engage


How can we help you develop an optimum software solution?

When you come talk to us about your software project, the first thing we do is listen, ask questions and understand your business. We work with you to understand each business opportunity and challenges related to your project as well as your vision for the business.

After confirming our deep understanding, and If we think we can help you, we will work with you to develop a high-level description of your project and a corresponding schedule and budget ranges.

We are fully transparent, follow an agile methodology and all stakeholders are continuously engaged in the project until a successful solution is delivered.

Our customer-centric approach produces end results that are simple and engaging.


Collaboration on requirements and expectations.

Planning for a software project involves to a larger extent understanding the business, workflows, user needs, potential risks and future opportunities along with how the ROI is measured.

We will do this collaboratively – through discussion, documenting business data, sketching out workflows, creating user test cases, and deciding on solutions. The best part of all this is that all planning is done in a non-technical language.

Attending these details upfront removes all the guesswork and accelerates the development.

The planning process hilites and documents: Business Data, Business Workflows, Test Cases, UI Screens & User Experiences, and Technical Stack. It also identifies the scope of initial prototype and various milestones deliverables along with further refinement to the cost and schedule estimates.

In addition to software development, the plan also includes details on steps required for production launch, hosting, support and future enhancements.

An open and precise communication is a key to success here and the process is (re)iterated with teams to ensure all are on the same page and the plan fits perfectly for you and your users' needs.

Design & Develop

Creatively design and develop a product that meets or exceeds all customer expectations.

All of our design and development practices are aimed at producing maintainable, extensible, and highly usable bug free software. We focus on the most essential features for the initial prototype, and then iteratively design, develop and test additional features while ensuring adherence to the project plans.

Business and developers are in constant communications to showcase the latest iteration of software or to get further clarity on business use cases. The proposed project plan is always the guidance but when necessary we are able to change the course.

The only reliable way to ensure you’re building the right software is to get feedback from real users. That’s why we ship early and often.

We believe custom software is not just for the large companies. By building only what is necessary, any SMB can affordably create a custom-fit web or mobile solution that will enable their business to scale faster for years to come and outperform their competition.

Quality & Acceptance Test

Ensure expected results through Quality Assurance testing.

Even though the design and development phase involves frequent tests with business, this quality and acceptance testing phase ensures and provides the final business approval stamp for the product. The business not only runs through the orginal business test cases but also exercises their business acumen to test various edge cases to ensure product is not breaking and resilient to different uses.

This test also provides preliminary insight into the product's security, performance, reliability and resilience.

We pride ourselves on creating quality software. Our code is scalable, reusable, readable, and high performing.

Our customers have attested to our quality for over 30-years and we want you to experience the same in the software we develop for your business.


Go Live! Start profiting!

We come to the most important part of the software development process - Go Live to Production!.

All development and testing are completed and business users are ready to use the new software. Although the software is ready for use, additional tasks are required for launching the software in the cloud.

Hosting is determined by project size and budget but typically done with Amazon AWS, Google or Digital Ocean. The cloud based hosting permits easy scaling, backups, and redundancy. However, it does not rule out on premise launch if business desires.

Support & Enhancements

Keep it running smoothly and grow your business.

Get the most out of your investments. We support everything we develop.

Our partnership allows you to keep your focus on growing your business while we take care of delivering the tools you need to become a technology leader. Whether you’re a startup or a growing company, we’re available for the long-term to maintain and extend your application's lifetime value and usefulness.

We will keep the software running without disrupting the business operations. We will work with you to ensure stability and longevity of your application is maintained by monitoring cloud servers for growth, performance and reliability as well as keeping your data secure, safe and accessible.

We will work with you to grow your application with new ideas and features. Let us help with your roadmap so you can continue to expand your business with productive users, satisfied customers and happy investors.

We rely on our ability to consistently deliver high-quality software and service to aesthetically establish enduring relationships with our customers. The majority of our work comes from repeat engagements and referrals.